Felicity Boevink Millinery is a bespoke millinery service based in Brisbane, Australia. The studio creates racing, daywear, bridal and fantasy millinery.

Felicity Boevink Millinery uses the best materials and blend of modern and traditional techniques to create millinery masterpieces. Every article is handmade in the brand's East Brisbane studio. The creation of couture millinery is a painstaking pursuit with every piece taking many days to produce.

Felicity Boevink Millinery's atelier stocks a small range of Ready-to-Wear items for clients to view and try. The majority of Ms Boevink's work is commissions from private and corporate clients looking for a unique design solution for their needs. 

Ms Boevink is always pleased to work with clients to create the millinery of their dreams. Please feel free to email us for an appointment.